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Dane Owners Show How Lovable the Enormous Dogs Are With Brilliant Snaps


Dane Owners Show How Lovable the Enormous Dogs Are With Brilliant Snaps

Great Danes tower over most other dogs as they can weigh up to 200lbs in size and be an astounding 32 inches tall from their shoulders. 

Despite their tall stature, these dogs are considered to be a gentle breed that often tries to cuddle in their owners laps or on the same type of furniture they are sitting on — such as a couch or chair.

Bored Panda compiled a hilarious grouping of pictures shared by Great Dane owners of their dogs seeming unaware of their large size. 

Whether they were hanging out with another deer or contorting their bodies into crazy shapes, these dogs show how their great size means a whole lot more to love. 

Best buds: Size doesn't matter to Louis (the Great Dane) who appeared to make friends with a small kitten living in his household 
Happy: One dog owner captured their Great Dane with a huge grin while outside 
Like a horse! This Great Dane has a love for carrots and makes the same face every time the owner goes to the refrigerator to bring out the crunchy vegetable
Poised: One user shared how giant a 14-week-old Great Dane pup was in size 
Sleepy: This Great Dane was super tired and showed off how he could make his face the size of a pancake 
Hilarious: One Great Dane seemed weary about another dog as he looked down on the creature from higher ground
Comfortable? One dog owner shared their Great Dane lounging in their reclining chair like a regular human 
One of the gain: It seemed a lot of Great Danes felt most at home when they could also sit where the humans sat 
Cuddlers: Great Danes are known for being gentle dogs, and some even like to bond with other animals including cats 
Ready to play: After a dog owner shared this picture, another person joked the ball was actually the size of a regular basketball 
One of the gang: It appeared one Great Dane was enjoying time with family while sitting on the couch 
Time to exercise! One adorable video showed a father and son lunging, and their dog hilariously mimicked the exercise
Flexible: One graceful Great Dane named Hendrix showed off his ability to grab his back leg
Getting cozy: Great Danes have been proven to be the best pillows for anybody 
Identical: One owner shared how their dog also looked like Scooby Doo 
Hanging out: One massive Great Dane decided to sit down just like the woman 
Staying close: An adorable snap shows the bond between two Great Danes, one of whom is blind in both eyes and the other who acts as the seeing-eye dog 
Besties: One owner showed how he trained his Great Dane to pose for selfies together 
Unlikely friends: A Great Dane named Kate took an abandoned deer named Pippin under her wing after the animal was left by her mom 
Huge: One owner shared the large size of their Great Dane's paw in a picture 
Bonding: An adorable snap shows a Great Dane mom cuddling with her puppies after birth 
Happy together: One son talked his parents into buying a 'small dog' at the animal shelter. But they ended up with a Great Dane instead 


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