Six-Year-Old Boy Wakes Up to Find Snake Biting Him in Bed – Before Fighting Back

A six-year-old boy who awoke to find a metre-long snake biting him in bed has told how he bravely wrestled it off his body.

Ben Gorman, from Darwin, Northern Territory, woke up early Tuesday morning after he felt something gnawing at his leg.

After getting a closer look, the young boy realised a Slaty-Grey snake was sinking its teeth on his knee.

But the bold youngster didn’t scream, cry or run.

Instead, he got a good grasp of the reptile, ripped it off his leg and hurled it at the wall.

Ben Gorman (pictured left in hospital with his brother Lachie) six, from Darwin, awoke to find a snake biting his leg on Tuesday
Ben and his brother Lachie
A Slaty-Grey snake, more than a metre long, slithered into the family's home and made its way into the young boy's bed
The non-venomous snake, pictured slithering up a window,  was eventually removed by an animal control agent

‘I woke up, then felt something biting my leg’, the young boy told NT News.

‘I ripped it off and grazed my knee. I was holding on to it so tight, I think I got the thing out, if it was venomous.


The native Australian snake is usually brown, leaden-grey or black in colour with a white belly.

A white Slaty Grey snake is extremely rare, with Lucille the only one of her kind the wildlife carers are aware of.

The common nocturnal snake is usually found in north Australia.

The non-venomous snake grows up to 1.3m in length.

When disturbed, they release a strong odour from their anal gland.

‘Then I threw it at the mirror of our bedroom. I think when I threw it so hard, I think I ripped its teeth out’, he said.

‘I didn’t scream. I was so brave I could just pick it up and throw it’.

Ben then went to alert his mother Mischa, who unknowingly had an encounter with the snake just hours before.

‘We went to bed as usual and at first the snake was in my bed and it bit me’, she said.

‘I kicked it out of the bed without realising what it was and that I had been bitten. I just dismissed it and went back to sleep’.

Ms Gorman said she was later awoken by her sausage dog Chilli who started ‘going crazy’ in the lounge room, but she wasn’t able to find anything wrong.

Around 4am, little Ben woke her up to calmly tell her he had just been bitten by a snake twice.

‘He said, “a snake bit me but I threw it at the wall”‘.

Little Ben was taken to hospital where he was treated for two snake bites

‘Then I realised, “Oh my God, I wasn’t dreaming. I did kick a snake out of my bed’, she said.

Ms Gorman would later come to realise she had also been bitten after finding two bite marks on her ankles.

The mum-of-two went over to her kids’ bedroom where she got a glimpse of the creature’s tail slithering down her two sons’ toy box.

She woke up her youngest son, four-year-old Lachie, who shares a room with Ben, and removed the boys from the room while she called triple 0.

The non-venomous snake was eventually removed by an animal control agent, while little Ben was taken to hospital where he was treated for two snake bites.

‘You want to know what’s the bravest thing? Both of my boys went back to sleep in their beds that night’, Ms Gorman said.

The mum said she put her kids back to bed while assuring them their ‘snake wrangler’ dog would protect them.

‘Me, on the other hand, I wasn’t so brave going back to bed’, she admitted.

Ms Gorman said it wasn’t the first time a snake had slithered into the family’s home, revealing she once stepped on a snake in Ben’s bedroom when he was only six months old.

She also praised Palmerston Regional Hospital and the snake catcher for its ‘amazing’ efforts during their ordeal.


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