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Urgent WARNING Issued to Australian Dog Owners


Urgent WARNING Issued to Australian Dog Owners

Dog walkers have been warned over the danger of a simple winter accessory that has left one dog.dead.

The golden retriever, nearing his first birthday, died in intensive care early this week after eating a hand warmer that fell from his owner’s pocket.

Warnings have been issued to other dog walkers about the dangers.

Dog breeder Sharon Patterson wrote on Facebook: ‘I just want to give a warning to everyone about the death of a dog we breed.’

A Facebook post on Wednesday by the dog's breeder, Sharon Patterson, stated that the curious pup had found the Hot Hands, an air-activated heating parcel, after it had appeared to have 'fallen out of a jacket pocket' before he ate the entirety of the deadly contents.

She added: ‘His family weren’t aware anything was wrong until he vomited & then they found part of the chewed hand warmer.’

The warming devices contain iron powder, a lethal poison, that can be fatal for dogs.

Once the package of the warmer is opened, oxygen reacts with the iron inside the product to create a chemical reaction that creates heat.

The pet was sent to an emergency vet overnight but showed no signs of improvement and he died the following day.

The Facebook post read: ‘He was not his usual self and [was taken] back to the vets, and ended up in intensive care for treatment and monitoring.

‘Sadly, he had sustained organ damage, he deteriorated through the night and died.’

A warning reading ‘keep out or reach of children and pets’ is placed on the product.

The tragic incident has left the family and breeder shocked and distressed.

Dog walkers out in crucial hours of rugging up, early morning or late at night, are urged to be wary and take the necessary preventative steps to keep animals out of risk's way.

‘His family are devastated and so are we. This has been a huge warning to us I would not want to hear of this happening to anyone else,’ wrote Patterson,

‘Please, if you use these types of air activated hand warmers that you make sure they are kept where your dog or cat can’t reach them. Also, when you dispose of them make sure it’s somewhere animals can’t get to. Personally, I don’t think I’ll have these in our house at all.’


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