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British Airways Apologises to Passenger for the ‘Dog Food’ He Was Served on Flight


British Airways Apologises to Passenger for the ‘Dog Food’ He Was Served on Flight

British Airways have apologised to a customer who claimed the meal on his flight looked like ‘dog food’.

Erik Booher flew from Houston, Texas to London Heathrow with the airline earlier this month, ahead of a cruise in the Mediterranean, but was unimpressed with his food.

He posted a picture of an unrecognisable meal on Twitter, which he said was the ‘chicken and mash’ he’d been served on his £700 flight.

He joked: ‘@British_Airways, careful! Keep this up and you’ll never get that Michelin star.’

BA passengers have sympathised with a man who was served this 'chicken and mash' meal on his flight from the U.S. to London
Alongside the meal, was this 'side salad' which appears to contain beans and grains

Mr Booher added: ‘I would love to say that it looked awful and tasted good. But $900 doesn’t buy what it used to. Now you’re crammed in with the other sheeple with no room and fed dog food.

‘Travel for the wretched masses. Still, I thought British Airways had more class.’

Another photo he posted appeared to be of a side salad, possibly containing grains.

A spokesman for British Airways said: ‘We are sorry that our standards fell below our customer’s expectations on this occasion.

‘We pride ourselves on the quality of the meals we offer on board, and have heavily invested in our catering, in all cabins.’

It is not the first time this year that BA passengers have shamed the company by posting pictures of grotty-looking food online.

He said the meal was like 'dog food' and that he had expected more from British Airways
Mr Booher also posted this picture of his meal on the return leg of the flight
British Airways apologised to Mr Booher and insisted they 'pride themselves on their meals'

In April, Jo Henderson-Tchertoff was served a sandwich described on the menu as ‘chicken breast in a creamy mayonnaise with slow roast tomato topped with crispy iceberg lettuce served in a seeded roll’.

She posted an image on BA’s Facebook page of a sandwich she claimed staff were embarrassed to serve her.

And Steve Kro and his partner were left ‘disgusted’ after being handed a cereal bar and croissant for breakfast instead of the traditional full English on their 12-hour flight to Grand Cayman.

The couple from Birmingham, West Midlands, had paid £2,000 in total to upgrade their seats for their return flights from Heathrow for the company’s World Traveller Plus ticket.

Also, Andrew Hedge was shocked to have been served a ‘dry bun’ smeared with cream cheese on his £1,200 flight from Heathrow to Miami.

Earlier this year, another disgruntled passenger posted this picture of his onboard 'breakfast'
Another passenger was angry at this 'chicken breast in a creamy mayonnaise with slow roast tomato' roll

The businessman vowed never to fly BA again over his ‘absolute joke’ of a meal.

In May, BA’s CEO Alex Cruz said he wasn’t surprised that customers were up in arms about the removal of a complimentary meal for short-haul economy flights.

He said: ‘If you have a perception that you are getting something for free, however bad quality or no-choice it is, if you’re taking something away there’s a reaction.’


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