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Photos Show the TRUTH About Martha’s Night With Kochie


Photos Show the TRUTH About Martha’s Night With Kochie

It’s the unlikely celebrity feud that everybody is talking about.

But new photos have emerged that appear to contradict David Koch’s claims that MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis ‘elbowed him in the ribs’ while trying to be photographed at the Logie Awards on Sunday night.

Pictures taken on the red carpet show Martha, 31, and her boyfriend Michael Brunelli, 27, waiting patiently for their allocated time on the media wall – and the Sunrise host, 63, is nowhere in sight.

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The plot thickens! New photos have emerged that appear to contradict David Koch's claims that MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis (right, with her boyfriend Michael Brunelli) 'elbowed him in the ribs' while trying to be photographed at the Logie Awards on Sunday night

An onlooker said: ‘Martha and Michael were two of the last people to arrive and spent over 10 minutes waiting to be photographed.

‘After walking the length of the red carpet, past all of the journalists, they stood to one side until all of the other celebrities had posed and gone inside.

‘When they then headed onto the platform in front of the photographers for their turn, there was nobody else around. Kochie wasn’t there, and he certainly wasn’t within “elbowing” distance.’

Interesting! An onlooker told Daily Mail Australia that Michael and Martha (circled) patiently waited for their turn to be photographed, adding: 'Kochie wasn't there, and he certainly wasn't within "elbowing" distance'
Nobody to elbow here! The MAFS couple were the last two people to be photographed on the red carpet, with David nowhere in sight as the media packed up their equipment

At the event, the media wall was set up in a ‘pen’ at the end of the red carpet, where the stars had their photos taken before going inside for the ceremony.

Before the celebrities arrived there, they walked past lines of journalists shouting them over for interviews, which is where Martha and David may have bumped into each other.

But David and his Sunrise co-host Sam Armytage specifically said on Monday that the ‘elbowing’ incident happened when Martha was jostling to be photographed. But the new pictures from the event suggest this was highly unlikely.

Claims: On Monday, David and his Sunrise co-hosts (pictured from left: Sam Armytage, Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta) claimed Martha had 'elbowed' him while trying to get to the media wall

Did Martha REALLY ‘elbow’ Kochie in the ribs on the Logies red carpet?

Sunday PM: The incident reportedly occurs as stars arrived on the red carpet

Morning AM: David Koch tells his Sunrise co-stars he is ‘bruised’ as he discusses the ‘clash’, with Sam Armytage and Mark Beretta mocking Martha

Monday PM: Martha calls the Sunrise hosts ‘bullies’, saying there may have been an ‘accidental bump’ but she doesn’t recall even seeing David

Tuesday AM: Sam and David reignite the feud on Sunrise, taking a not-so-subtle swipe at Martha’s response by joking about the word ‘bully’

‘I’ve still got bruises in the ribs from the Married At First Sight woman who elbowed me on the way through on the red carpet!’ David said on Sunrise on Monday.

‘The one with the dark hair, she was fierce,’ responded newsreader Natalie Barr.

Samantha Armytage then added: ‘Someone is saying Martha in my ear? I could not pick her out of a lineup, but my god she got you in the ribs.’

‘Do not get between Martha and the camera,’ sports reporter Mark Beretta joked, prompting Sam to say: ‘Especially when you’ve only got 15 minutes of fame!’

Cruel taunts: Samantha (second from left) ridiculed Martha on air the morning after the Logies, saying: 'I could not pick her out of a lineup!'

In a YouTube video on Monday night, Martha claimed she had no recollection of bumping into David, and slammed the Sunrise hosts for ‘bullying’ her on television.

Addressing Samantha’s various insults, she said: ‘Sam continued to make fun of me, a woman in the industry that I’m meant to look up to.

‘Sam, you have single-handedly incited online hate towards me. Just when I had built myself back up after the tumultuous time on MAFS, you brought it crashing down.’

She continued: ‘Kochie, you are a father, yet you felt it necessary to shame me on TV. You felt it was okay to criticise me, call me short and turn what may have been an accidental bump on the arm into something scandalous. You’re the bullies!’

Defiant: In a YouTube video uploaded on Monday night, Martha said she had no recollection of bumping into David and accused the Sunrise presenters of 'bullying her' on television
'Sam, you have single-handedly incited online hate towards me': Martha called out Samantha for her remarks on Monday's episode of Sunrise. Pictured at the Logie Awards

The saga continued on Tuesday’s Sunrise, with Sam and David then poking fun at Martha’s YouTube video during a segment about the horror film It Chapter Two.

In a not-so-subtle swipe, Sam jokingly grabbed David’s arm in an attempt to spook him, and he replied by saying: ‘Careful, that’s bullying me! I’m older. I’m an old man!’

‘Don’t muck around with that word!’ Sam responded with a knowing smile.

'Careful, that's bullying me! I'm an old man!' The saga continued on Tuesday's episode of Sunrise, with Samantha and David poking fun at Martha's YouTube video


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